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Video Course production of the Naples-type Salami
Cured Meats care and smoking
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Cured Meats care and smoking

Video Course production of the Naples-type Salami

How To Make Italian Traditional Salami
Secrets in Salami Making Master Class
by Cuomo Method®️

Who is it for:
Video Course Dedicated to those who wish to receive a high-level professional training, aimed at deepening the production of the Naples-type SALAMI with Cuomo Method®️: from the selection of the raw material to the different cuts, up to the techniques of mincing, salting, mixing, filling and curing.


You will discover all the secrets to produce a traditional Italian salami with the famous Cuomo method®️
The inventor of Stagionello®️ in this video course will transfer you all the techniques necessary to produce genuine and Italian traditional salami in just 28 days and in all seasons of the year, he will go into the smallest details, those that will allow you to produce excellent salamis to label and sell with your name.

During the video course, intermediate checks are provided for admission to the final test which will allow the release of your certificate.